Aesthetic Audio Visual Installations


Ever wondered what it would be look like with your TV on the wall?

  • The amount of extra free space you get
  • Feeling of relief not having to worry if the kids will knock the TV off
  • Or maybe the fact it's more elegant and aesthetic to have your beautiful display floating on the wall

At MAGROXELA AV, we strive on fulfilling each and every reason why you should get your TV mounted.

Music/Audio Engineering

At MAGROXELA's Studio, we have top quality equipment to professionally mix and master your music. We strive on quality for budget artists.



Life is simpler with a TV on the wall. Less space taken up. Every minimalists' dream.


Experiment with the various opportunities that open up once the TV is mounted. Floating entertainment unit, floating shelves or maybe a floating soundbar to go along with the TV on the wall


A TV is a design piece. A display that simply stands out when separated from the rest of the furniture.

Did you know?

At MAGROXELA AV, we have over 4 years of experience installing AV systems. We are determined to not only provide a installation service but in addition, a design approach. From studying art and the fundamentals of graphic design, we are here to utilise these skills in the real world. 

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